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Head Shots And Portraits

Your head shot represents you and tells others who you are. It puts a face on your resume. Your head shot is equivalent to the first impression when someone meets you. While the head shot must be realistic and accurate, I'll use a full range of photographic techniques in terms of lighting, camera angle, background, and so forth to make your photo stand out. I will also use photo editing software to remove blemishes and other imperfections (all at no extra charge).

What really makes your head shot look great is when you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. I'll take time to get to know you, to engage you in conversation, even try to make you laugh by telling a joke or two, anything to get you to relax and express your true personality. Not all photographers do this well. It requires a genuine interest in people, which I have. I worked overseas as a social anthropologist for twenty years before becoming a professional photographer, and my photographic focus is almost exclusively on people (weddings, portraits, social events, and street photography). My sincere interest in people makes a head shot from Bunn Hill Photo an image you will be proud to use in representing yourself to others and in furthering your career.

While a head shot strives to show an individual accurately at his or her best, a portrait is an artistic portrayal that goes beyond depicting one's likeness: it attempts to capture character, mood, defining qualities, and personality. A portrait, whether of an individual, couple, a family or even a pet, engages the viewer. While realistic, a portrait may take liberties in terms of lighting, perspective, and background in order to render the subject in a more artful, painting-like fashion. Photo editing software might also be applied. Several portrait styles are available from Bunn Hill Photo, including formal, classic, glamour, film-noir, and neo-realism. I will work with you to select the most appropriate and flattering style. The goal is to produce a legacy portrait that will be cherished by the owner forever and will be admired by all viewers.

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Couples Photography

A one-hour photo session yields at least 50 high-resolution images on a CD with a printer release. Sittings are in studio and on-site, or at a location you choose. A session costs $130, and for a limited time, this $130 pricing applies for head shots, portraits, couples, families, or pets.


Family Portraits

Family photos look great for the mantel or wall. In addition to pictures of the whole family, the session will include lots of shots of each individual child, all the kids together, the kids with mom or dad or the grandparents, the adults as couples and singly; and every other combination of your family members you desire. The motto here is "more photos, more fun." Same $100 pricing. And of course a 100% money-back guarantee on all BHP photo sessions.


Senior Photos

Ditch the standard yearbook photo. Be photographed as you really are. Bring your sports equipment, guitar, or other props and accessories that identify you. Unlimited wardrobe/costume changes and free touch-up and blemish removal. Bring a classmate or two and get a huge discount on your photos.  Graduation special: $100/session.


Head Shots

Singer, dancer, or corporate executive -- have yourself represented by a professional head shot from Bunn Hill Photo.



Let Bunn Hill Photo's portrait photography services showcase your timeless personality. We are dedicated to make you look your best.


Pet Photography

Don't leave out the special little troublemaker in your life. Immortalize your furry friend with a precious pet photo from Bunn Hill Photo.