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Funeral Photography

Funerals are too important not to be photographed. It is a time when family and friends come together to express their grief for the departed. It is also a time of bonding and gathering strength as the mourners begin the process of moving forward without their loved one and friend. Funeral photography is a way of tangibly preserving the memory of the deceased and the uniting of family and friends. When I photograph funerals I strive to capture the love, tenderness, and genuine emotions of the funeral while being respectful, discrete, compassionate, and professional. A recent client complimented me by saying: "you were courteous and almost invisible and yet able to take all these beautiful pictures." I want all my clients to feel this way.

My funeral photography generally covers the viewing, the church services, burial, and the reception afterward (though different coverage can be arranged). While I primarily take candid shots, I will shoot posed photos if specifically requested. I will also photograph rooms, objects, or places that were cherished by the deceased and are most associated with his or her memory.

Immediately after the funeral I will place the images in a password-protected gallery on my website. Only you will have access to the gallery. If you wish others to view the images, you can provide them the password. Within a week, I will present you with three or more CDs of the photos taken at the funeral. You also will be provided with a printer release so you can have the images printed locally; and you are free to distribute the prints as you see appropriate. If you desire to have photo-books made from the images, I can assist in this, too.

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